1622, The strength of love, Francis de Sales

Noble, priest, bishop, writer, theologian, Doctor of the Church, and Saint Francis de Sales is known by many titles. Under each of these names, he left a mark on those who crossed his path. 400 years after his death, his influence is still evident, a testament to the unique man he was.

The film "1622, The strength of love, Francis de Sales"

Marking 2022 with the centenary of Francis de Sales’ death, we want to share with you the film “1622, The strength of love, Francis de Sales” produced by his followers (Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales). This treasure of a life should not be buried in the past.

" It is wrong to complain that a torch is consumed by lighting for other "

Thematic Modules

The film “1622, The Strength of Love, Francis de Sales” (52 minutes) is of a historical nature and will be complemented by a dozen thematic modules. These modules connect the film with educational documents, serving as true “hyperlinks” or “highlighters” of the film.

These modules will allow:
– An in-depth exploration of a Salesian theme,
– An understanding of this theme in relation to the current cultural context,
– The provision of a reflective or initiating element, rather than just an illustrative commentary.

These modules will be short films (7 to 12 minutes).

1622 – 2022
Historian Jean Delumeau believed that each anniversary of an important date was marked by the investment of our concerns and ideals